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How You Can Help Make A Difference

You can make a difference by supporting the Ability Fitness Center (AFC) mission through direct tax-deductible donations, volunteering your time, community engagement and awareness and by attending one of the annual AFC events.

Make A Donation

To date we have raised over $380,000 thanks to hundreds of donations and the generous support of Ability Fitness Center‘s annual events & fundraising. Consider donating to help those we love live long and healthy lives and to reach their highest level of function through the joy of exercise. Please consider Ability Fitness Center in your charitable giving plans.

Make A Donation

Volunteer Your Time

Ability Fitness Center is a comprised of a community of volunteers who make a major difference in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injury patients. We are always looking for individuals and organizations to volunteer their time to help us grow and advance in the recovery of spinal cord injuries. Please contact us for more information on how you can help us.

Make a Difference

Attend An Event

As a community-based non-profit organization, Ability Fitness Center is active in providing events to support the research and recovery of spinal cord injury patients. We hold an Annual Charity Golf Tournament and Annual Charity Polo Tournament as well as other events in the Loudoun County and surrounding areas. For more information about our events.

Attend An Event
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Ability Fitness Center strives to improve the quality of ‘life’ for the physically challenged with its dedication to providing accessible therapies tailored towards the special needs of those living with paralysis, stroke, Parkinson’s or other physical impairments.

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